Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quick thoughts about Game 7

The Penguins have been defeated, as I posted at Habs Inside/Out, here is my thoughts about the Canadiens as they stand right now.

This team never fails to amaze and honestly, Mike Cammalleri is a revelation in Montreal like few we've seen when it comes to scoring when it counts. 12 goals in 14 games, he is within reach of matching and besting the magnificent Yvan Cournoyer's 15 goals in 1973 and the all-time best of the Flyer's Reggie Leach's 19 if the series continues long enough.

Jaroslav Halak has astounded me, flat out astounded me and converted me. He is a No. 1 goaltender, he is a clutch goaltender, he is everything that embodies the great goaltending legends of the past. A winner pure and simple. I wished this could have been Carey Price, but his destiny in the NHL lies elsewhere now for his own greatness (which he will enjoy) but Halak has stolen the show and proven above all else, he is the Guy for Montreal.

Brian Gionta, scoring when it matters most, give him the C. P.K. Subban? Sign him for life, he will have a Norris on his shelf in the next 4 years, bet on it. Travis Moen? Perfect playoff man, he and Dominic Moore have defined what an energy line player is. Max Lapierre? Redemption beyond all belief. Jaro Spacek, you can't keep him down no matter what happens to him, magnificent example of a competitor. Hal Gill has silenced his critics for all-time for neutralizing what the majority consider the best player in the world. Josh Gorges, proof that a strong heart is better than extra inches of height any day of the week. Ryan O'Byrne, working his butt off to be in the NHL every day and rewarding the Habs fans with his efforts in that regard. Andrei Kostitsyn, flashes of the greatness he is capable of, I know more is coming from him after a Great 6 and 7 set against PIT.

I'm 26 years old and I've never enjoyed anything in my life as much as I have enjoyed the last 14 Habs games I watched. My generation has found their heroes and they are legion, not the majestic talent of the 70s Canadiens perhaps, but my god, in the cap era, what more could you ask for than these fine men who wear the CH?

Haven't posted much lately, but the playoffs have just sucked me in so much I can't put what I am seeing into words without feeling I am doing someone injustice by forgetting them or not saying enough.

Also, anyone else think there may be a whole mess of kids named Hal, Josh, Jaroslav, Pernell Karl, Michael, Tomas, Travis, Brian and Scott in 9 months?

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