Friday, April 16, 2010

NHL Tweets that you may see soon.

Twitter is the new phenomenon, stream of consicousness thoughts posted by celebrities and athletes around the world, so I thought I'd tackle a few NHL tweets that may come up in the playoffs.

JumboJoe: Strange, the front office keeps sending me travel brochures about trips that start next week and we're still in the playoffs.

DHeatley: Called Messier to let him know I'll probably be free for the IIHF Championships in 3 more games.

MDuchene: It's hard being the underdog in the playoffs, but San Jose's trying anyway, good for them.

JToews: I will not lose to a team that comes from a city where they do line dancing when they're not drunk.

PKane: Strict team no Taxi/Limo policy makes it hard to get to the games.

SWeber: Looked at Chicago goaltending depth chart, could've sworn I was looking at one for an AHL team.

MBabcock: How the fuck did the Coyotes make the playoffs, and how the fuck are they winning?

SDoan: Wish real estate guys and moving companies would stop asking me to endorse them.

HSedin: If the management ever finds out I'm fastest man alive and I made up Daniel's identity for double-pay, I'm finished.

DDoughty: Feels wrong to go after the goalie I won the Olympic Gold with, but not wrong enough, play on!

Will bring printout of NHL rules for goaltender inference to next game to show refs, must not have been printed in their copies.

Great8: Wish Crosby would stop texting me about where I was during Canada-Russia in February.

JLemaire: Why is it that Martin Brodeur is playing like he's Brian Boucher and Boucher is playing like he's Brodeur?

Kovy2: What's this backchecking crap Lemaire talk about?

ZChara: How the fuck does that Myers kid move that fast? I get tired just watching him.

Since when the hell did Boston figure out how to score goals?

SidTheKid: Had Mario's kids visit the ice today during Penguins practice, it was a lot of fun until I found out Mario's son is my new right winger.

SidTheKid: Oh well, could be worse, Mario's youngest daughter is now Malkin's left winger.

JSpezza: Coach showed me these videos of Toews and Kesler playing defence, not sure why.

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