Sunday, February 21, 2010

Has to be said...

Regarding the 5-3 loss to the United States in Men's Olympic Hockey.

- Thornton is the most useless player the NHL ever saw that was tagged with the "star" label, you can't find him in an important game with bloodhounds and a spy satellite, he just isn't there.

- Brodeur is too old and played too many games in New Jersey this season, thank you very fucking much you dumb son of a bitch Jacques Lemaire, who's also an assistant coach of Team Canada. It wasn't enough that you tried to destroy hockey with the trap system?

- Sidney Crosby has not been 'the best player in the world' in this Tournament, he's shown up at the end of the Swiss and US games, not beforehand, too little, too late Kid, especially against a much tougher opponent. It's not the All-Star game.

- Chris Pronger is about as useful as a bag of hammers. He's old, he's slow and he has no smarts to make up for his lack of speed. Niedermayer hasn't been great but at least he has a brain, Pronger's just been terrible.

- Patrice Bergeron either paid someone off, slept with someone or has family members with Hockey Canada. He is nowhere near the skill level of his fellow Team Canada members and while we often joked only 2-3 American players could make Team Canada, I don't see how Bergeron could have made Team USA if the situations were reversed.

- As a general rule, San Jose Sharks players who have been there for several years should not be considered for Olympic squad spots.

- Ryan Getzlaf, the darling pick of all armchair GMs in Montreal from the 2003 draft was a considerable non-factor in the game. I know I mentioned him in my previous post about better drafting choices as well, but at the same time, I make my point that not all star players are fit for a big pressure market and game. Getzlaf hasn't earned his keep so far. Corey Perry was just about as useful and considering the amount of time those two play together in Anaheim one would expect much, much better.

- Duncan Keith and Keith Seabrook should be permanent D-partners from this point forward in the Tournament. Enough experimentation, keep one of the few stable pairings you have on the team and use it, 20 minutes or more a game, they know how to do their job.

- Elite shooters, many of them, Ryan Miller is lying on his stomach, add some lift to your shot so you don't hit his body, you top-corner the puck instead and get a goal to tie the game.

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